We did a lot this year

and we believe

that in the coming even more,

only power, knowledge and courage must be combined.

On behalf of the children of the world sincere thanks.

"Vindol for children of the world"

Our latest products

Our latest products are waiting for you.

 By buying participate in the realization of the project "Vindol for children of the world" – for school children at home and abroad.

 Phone: 040/318-290, 040/613-373


 Products will be sent by mail – payment on delivery.

 You may also arrange to visit the Vindol.

Foto: Nevenka

Piali Ashar Alo







The Piali Ashar Alo School is a result of years-long dreams and hard work. We have planted the seed and it has sprouted. Help us to make it grow into a beautiful flower. Do not forget that these children have no possibilities to get rid of the poverty they were born into without our help. Thank you.«

Mojca Gayen

How can you help?

Older children and village women make kerchiefs and earrings that you can buy in our Gallery A.C.V. – Vindol in Podčetrtek. So in addition to the money from donors, children collect some of the money themselves.

Short presentation of the school – from their flyer (2010)

Together let's bring a light of hope to children in need! Read more …

On the way to work

Fotografije: Nevenka Mulej


We finished collecting clothing, footwear … for children and adults in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, India. This weekend we were sorting, packing, and recording them. We are preparing the packages to be sent out.

We would appreciate notebooks, schoolbags, and children underwear. Contact us at 040/613-373, 040/318-290.


Nevenka, Marjana
Fotografije: Marko Sok, Nevenka Mulej