Path to being different

12272603 BjelasicaI have a dilemma where to start; how can I form the sentences so that I would not loose the connection with the main message.

It is disclosed in the title that the story will walk on the brink of the known, but a world that is still often foreign to us.

Many paths meet in these times that we live in now. Some of them have roots in religion, others in politics, some lead on the boundary between the known and unknown area of a distant past. Some truths are buried deep, others modestly peeking from behind the scenes, some pull you right in the whirligig of events. Read more …

Turning tears into laughter for a more beautiful day

We would like to lay out the problems of young people today, which they start to encounter at a relatively young age. We wish to focus above all on deep prejudice and ignorance in families, which affect a young person for the rest of his or her life.

Because of the requirements that this civilisation poses upon an individual, most people are not able to look around themselves and take a break. We are not aware that our life and our impetus are running out, while our children are growing up in distress. Read more …


labirint1Our vacation this year, for which we decided to ‘explore’ the history, myths and the landscape of the English island, was marked by another detail – during the whole trip we were coming across labyrinths.

Last year we already set up the first labyrinth on Vindol, based on the labyrinth templates made by Adrian Predrag Kezele in Croatia, opened for visitors in September 2008.   

Labyrinths?   Read more …

A Journey into the World of Healing

When browsing internet pages, I have come across several presentations of healing and healing techniques.
Each individual has his own vision, insight, touch, his own path.

As many as there are healers, the same is the number of the people who need them.
It is interesting to observe and follow the quantity of people who learn, full of enthusiasm, ideas, planning what and how they will start or continue the journey. Then everything becomes silent.

When they leave the courses, studies, workshops, they sink back into their own world as if they never existed.
I have often wondered if they have really got to know and master the whole material in such a short time? Read more …

Giving – the path of service


A thought crossed my mind of the many who seek themselves, searching for answers to their distress, and solution for their illnesses.

How often do we hear the sentence “if only God or higher force would help me recover my health, help me in my distress… I would give everything I own.”

I often witnessed such promises.

Certainly you were in a similar situation too.

 We take hundreds and thousands of decisions and make promises to ourselves that we will change. Read more …