dobroMany people in this world live with an ignorance and pain suffering fear for their acquired values that are mostly of a material origin, always leaded by the question: “How to protect your assets?”

We have become slaves of our needs, and are not aware where our dreams and ideals of the initial path have disappeared to. And most of all, where are the true values of the souls are.

Humanity is going through a phase of a cyclical changes and those changes are not asking us if we are ready. We are the only participants in this divine game, in the expectation that we will be given the opportunity to take a specific part in this scenario of Life. Read more …

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The Cooperation Of The Institute “EkoAlt Vindol” – TWIMC

OWCWODCAR68OKICA0J7DUZCAC4HPYOCAYIFZFDCAYFRPCQCA8LV183CAVH6318CAOO8RY3CA5AQ1XSCAX5ZOH3CATDO3BDCA3LXG11CAD86Z8ECAC636G7CA5VZSSYCAJ77DFECA4T903DCA7S54N0CABXP7PTIf you have a feeling that you have been called for the humanitarian work, you should never have any doubts in who is doing it, but should only be aware of its purpose ! Humanitarian work is a work of  team and their immense confidence in the project. There are no individual names or titles,  just the awareness that every man and every living being needs a helping hand.

We are all stuck in our own little  egoism. That is why the only thing that actually matters to us is usually how much money we are prepare to spend for a humanitarian cause. Instead of that,  we should rather ask ourselves what else, besides the donations, can we actually do for the World.

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